Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Wonderful 13th week

It's the 2nd check up at KPMC. Not so many people in the Q today..may be most of them follow Dr Ju who moved to another hospital called Colombia Asia..

For me..give the new gynae Dr Kamsuriani a chance to prove that she's as good as Dr Ju. If not.may be I need to visit Colombia Asia too :)

dan ni lak..gambar terbaru adik Danish , 13 weeks in my womb...

Masa doctor tengah scan, boleh nampak ngan jelas tangan dia terkial-kial, doctor cakap active baby nih..syukur Alhamdulliah..hopefully dia sihat dan membesar dgn skala yg betul..jangan terlebih besau lak... :)

here some infos on baby on their 13th week...


If you are experiencing some abdominal achiness it may be due to the stretching of the round ligaments that support your uterus.

Are pickles and ice cream sounding appealing? Even if that combo still sounds disgusting, many women do experience food cravings. As long as they are not harmful go ahead and give in to them in a moderate way.

Some women do crave harmful things like kerosene, clay, starch, ice or nail polish. This is a disorder known as pica and should be discussed with your caregiver. This article has some good information about pica, its causes and treatment: All About Eating For Two

Since you are really beginning to show, the subject of stretch marks will come up. You may or may not get them. This has far more to do with your genetic heritage than whether or not you use an expensive anti-stretch mark cream.

The veins on your breasts are probably much more noticeable and your nipples darker in color.

Your baby's vocal cords have begun to develop.

More and more of the organs are functioning every day. The liver has begun to secrete bile and the pancreas to produce insulin.

All twenty baby teeth are formed and waiting beneath his gums until well after birth. However, every once in a while a baby is born with teeth already showing.

The baby's bone marrow, liver and spleen have taken over the production of red blood cells.

Although the baby's intestines were originally formed inside the umbilical cord, they are now moving into the abdomen.

Fuzzy hair is beginning to form on your little one's head. Regardless of what color that hair will eventually be, it is white (unpigmented) right now.