Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Mom or "Supir" Mom ???

In conjuction with mother's day recently..teringat pasal my daily task..
which I had these things hanging in my car

And my regular, permanent and life time passangger..sitting comfirtly at the back seat of my car...with his sunglasses 'on" his Genius Aulad school uniform ..he..he..
senang betul budak zaman skrg ek??
Kalau kita zaman dulu..berpeluh2 naik basikal nak sampai sekolah..

Budak skrg..cth terdekat ..Danish lah...naik keta mama ada aircond.lepas tuh, naik van school pun ada aircond..masuk school pun ada air cond.. lucky they are , rite???

Apa2 pun, we are trying our very best to give all the very best to our kids..
Jadi "supir" mom pun..tak pe ahh..kan?? he..he..