Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day Celebration 2007 @ Sri Maamor

......"It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was...."
Date : 17 june 2007

Time : 6 p.m

Venue : Pool side, Gazebo Sri Maamor ( rumah Atuk laaa tuu...)

Father's day..siapa lah mama tanpa Abah kan???

Thanks for all the unconditional love that u shower us everyday..

..sorry for the blurry pic..tak sengaja :) was a double celebration this year..
before the pool side party at Atuk's place....3 of us had our Father's Day lunch @ Secret Recipe Giant Shah Alam..
Abah with his BBQ chicken while Mama who always trying her best to keep "fat" ordered fish and chips.. :)
but poor Danish ..his drummet chicken looks like ayam tahun lepas..taste sucks !!!
since he kept on saying "mama..danish hungry"..end up..I have to spent another 10 ringgit for 3 Ted sausages at 1901..mmm.. it taste better.. especially with the BBQ sauce expenses for that father's day lunch alone...close to RM100..
but it's okay..apalah sgt RM100 compared to Abah's love..kan...kan..kan?????
".....You know it's love when it you 'grew into' it instead of 'fell in' it!...."