Friday, June 22, 2007

Danish 1st Day @ Aulad Genius

Danish's 1st step to the new world ....

Kinder ~ Aulad Genius USJ 20

Danish 1st day at school start on 8 Jan age of 3 years and 5 months, he step into his kinder world..
Both of us were concious to our the one and only hero doing on his 1st day..everything seems to be fine..
As we sent him to his classroom, he seems to dun care about our existence there..after 10 minutes..we live him in the class , hoping that his 2nd day will be as smooth as the first day..which is not !!!

Our nitemare starts on 9 Jan 2007, he totally become not supportive at all.
He dun want to get into school van and that makes us send him to school by ourselves and troubles not end up there..he dun want me to go off..Ya Allah !!
After a few plead and lies..I manage to escape my self for work..
but the chaos not only last for 2-3 days..but up to 2 weeks..
Lucky, we have full support from AG Manager Mr Hafiz who's willing to deal with his agresiveness every morning.

But now, everyday seems to be okay. He can't wait to go to school every morning even on weekends :). Alhamdulillah..syukur..
He will ask me to call Uncle Majid , the van driver if that guy is late..even for 2-3 minutes...he.he..

Hopefully, he's doing fine at Aulad since I have to pay close to RM1k for registration(macam nak masuk u lak) and RM320 plus every month..mmm..byk tuh..

But duit boleh di long as he's happy and showing some is nothing !!!

A Child's Eyes

Have you ever looked into a child's eyes,And seen the love that they have inside.

They don't care if your black or white,just show them attention and do what's right.

Give them a smile, a compliment, a grin,A hug, a high five, or whatever is within.

It doesn't take much for a child who's hurting,To open up and tell you their story.

Give them your time and listen real closely,Cause the child who talks, is the child who's lonely.

Be there to listen or just shed a tear,Be a shoulder to cry on when no one else is near.

Do what you can to help the hurt go away,Bring them a smile to brighten their day.

If I have learned anything working with children,It's to look deep inside and be sensitive to their feelings.

Try to support them and be on their side,Show them all love and build up their pride.

Pray for them when their on your mind,And let God put that sparkle back in their eye.

love u - mama