Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Photo of the Month ~ Peah & Family

I really love this photo..dunno why..may be because the owner of this pic already made the confession that all of them "belum mandi pagi"..ish..bucuk nyer..he..he..

but the photo look so real when 3 of them with big smile while the little one - with big mouth opening ..waaaa.....

Saufiah Abdul Rahim - knowing her for more than 10 years, the best to decsribe her is - beauty with brain..and humble too..and gila2 also.. :)

Both of us sharing the same birthdate : 8 Sept 1975, no wonder we shared the most interest and gilerness..the only thing that make us difference is..she's a second class upder degree holder..while me..ehem..ehem..and the other thing is..she's keep fit while myself, keep "fat"..:)

So many good qualities that I can see in her. While other people berlumba2 naming themselves with english name..but not for this gal...everybody call her "peah" - that's describe how simple she is..lagi2lah the way she dress in dormitory..her fav outfit is -baju kurung with seluar only..he..he..

We shared a lot of great experiences during our U time.
She used to drive a car to bandar Tronoh without releasing the hand brake..sampai bau hangit menusuk2 hidung..but the most scary experience we manage to escape our selves as we trap in the flash flood in batu gajah. Habis masuk air kereta yg kita sewa..lucky the owner of the car didn't saman us..if not..may be we can experience how it feel to be behind the bars..he..he..

Hopefully, everything is fine in Perth. May Allah bless her and family with good health and can finish up her study in time with flying colours.
Abg Man is so lucky to have her as a wife..(after berjela2 org beratur minat kat minah nih..:) )..
and her kids will be proud to have her as their "giler" mother..keh..keh..

"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget..."