Tuesday, June 26, 2007

cuti2 malaysia to Melaka

June 2nd 2007 -

It was a very fine day since we started our journey to Melaka that day. But somebody accidentally did his "nature business" in the car, dun have a single word to explain how the smells was , #$%#%$#%$.. thanks to DRYPERS..who save the day.. :)

Just can't wait to explore Melaka town this time. Melaka is such a nice place to visit, it was a cool town with nice food, great places , warm people and so. Abah already made the reservation for the hotel 2-3 days back, so as usual, the luckiest hotel is Harbour Inn.

A budget hotel with a beautiful ocean scenery, last time the rate was RM90 ringgit per nite, but this time became RM120 per nite..normal excuses..school holidays.. :(

Actually, the main reason for this Melaka trip is to celebrate Mat Ju and june's wedding, and guess what, Mat Ju's family not spending overnite in Melaka but we did !! he..he.. lebih sudu dari kuah..

but it's okay..lama dah tak cuti2 malaysia since our last trip to Taiping and Sg Petani last CNY holiday.

It's definitely a fruitful trip since we had our chance to have a big seafood dinner at Umbai. The seafood was great but the way they cook the dishes..sucks..even my cookings is better...

But as usual, we spent about 80 ringgit for that dinner alone...ffuhhh

As our stomach is getting bigger..our eyes getting smaller...

the plan is to do some night sight seeing in Melaka raya.end up..3 of us..laying unconciuos in hotel room..ZZZZZZZZZ....

the next day..Mat Ju's wedding...the food was nice..but the happiest kid is Danish..since it sort of eat-egg-all-you-can-day for him...I think he ate more than 4 eggs that day..he..he..nasib baik tuan rumah tak tahu..he took all the eggs by himselves... :)