Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wanie & Aju - My 2 Great Frens

We encounter and discover so many great things and meet fabulous peoples throughout our life... frens come and for 2 frens here..both of them are so special and so meaningful to me...really love them a lot !!!!

...knowing 2 of them since our matric 2 in USM Penang..we were blessed to be re-unite again and shared the enjoyment during our study years in USMKCP..
as time goes by one..our frens get married..started to have their own families..have kids..etc..
For those who never been in their shoes..may talk a lot about their status..
some people..who may be ter"perasan" bijak sgt.. always have their own ideas on why my 2 great frens here are ..still single?... Cerewet, too choosy..nak cari yg sekufu..pemalu takut nak get close to them since they are rich.??

All those crap talk are from those people who may be "terlupa" that we have someone Maha Besar up there...
what i can say is..stop all the bullshit if you dun know anything!!!!

Searching for Mr not a one day process or a year may we dun what to end up spending the rest of our precious life with Mr Wrong !

For's not a sin to be single..but it's sort of killng yourself if you are forcing yourselves to accept someone who you dun really love !! ..plucking the petals off of daisies in the classic,I love him, I love him not... is not a fashion !

Some people says, in findings your soul mate...dun just lay back and leave it all to Allah...but it doesn't mean that you have to be so desperado....main terima jer apa yg ada..asal kawin...mmmm..I think that kind of thinking is so damn wrong ! not all single woman is unhappy and not all married woman end up with..happily ever after....

My dear frens.. just embrace this singlehood with ketaqwaaan..only Allah knows ..who He love the most ..,” since He never judge people on how BIG their house much their husband earned per many A's their kids got in their exam...and such..

As our frenship bond grows.....We still do share great times together..celebrating we always have a blunt ideas on the venues..
we still love to lepak and chit-chatting and buat ketupat..lagi2 kalau boleh lepak kat rumah aju which is so nice, windy and the most interesting - good food and great hospitality..lagih..dia nyer 2 housemate yg so damn sporting - shidah and ziana..

Sometimes, we really miss pojex. But what to do, rumah dia jauh di ceruk rawang sana..hopefully, she's doing fine with her new bussiness thing..dan selamat melahirkan nanti...

Can't wait to have another trip together..Bali may be? he..he..
Really hope that ..this "quality frenship bond" will last forever..we will love both of you with or without "partner"..

....and hope to celebrate as many birthdays ahead..with you gals..

"....Friendship is a special gift given to us all.

The smile of a friend is sunlight on a cloudy day,and every smile given to a friend is returned.

A friend is one whom you can talk to, and listen to, without judging.

A friend doesn't ignore your faults but accepts them as part of you.

A friend is a shoulder to lean on when you need support, A pat on the back when you do well, and a sympathetic ear when you fail.

A friend is a person you can laugh with about everything, you can cry with without shame, and whom you trust completely.

A friend is a partner in life and a part of you always and forever..."