Sunday, July 29, 2007

Danish and his aunties - Day out !

The crew : Danish, mama, auntie wanie, auntie aju and auntie shidah
Locations : Mc D, Kota Kemuning and Mydin Hypermarket, USJ
Date : 28 July
Transport : Auntie Wanie brand new car
It was not so shiny day that day, but as promised, my 2 frens arrived to pick us up for a joyride with wanie's brand new car..masih terbau2 kewangian keta baru..he..he.. cute betul keta auntie wanie nih..lagi2 lah..byk binantang kesayang kat dlm..Abah pernah ckp.keta auntie wanie zoo..he..he..but now, mmmm better..may in future who knows ?..but these toys lah yg tolong wanie masa dia tak ingat nak tutup boot keta dia betul2..they all yg melambai2 panggil since they got so many fresh air..then she realized..dia nyer boot keta..terbukak..he..he..
Back to our gathering that day. Dah lama gak tak jumpa dia 2 org nih..aju..mmg selalu jumpa kat WD..tapi wanie..mmm...nak celebrate b'day dia pn susah.maklum lah.anak dara pingitan terbusy di malaya nih..
keja ngan training.bukan takat dlm mesia nih..cover negara2 lain gak..fuhhh...hebat betul member aku yg sorang nih.
Actually, we had a tough time (as always) to decide, where we sould spent our time together. I suggested McD since Danish can proceed with his wild activities while 3 of us, with our wild talks...:)
Topic of the day..mmm...sensored !
but we do share lot of things..siap cover gossip pasal artist lagih...
Then on then way home, si wanie nih..tak nak balik2 gak..still want to got for ronda2...but we still clueless on where we should heading to..suddenly..TING !..I got an idea..Why not Mydin USJ since both of them never been there before
Aju called shidah ( the busiest teacher in USJ) if she would like to join us for merapu..she agreed..after asar prayer, our journey to mydin begun...the good thing about mydin is's just a few kms from shidah's school..the bad thing get a parking spot is not an easy task..
lucky our driver is a very professional "urban driver"..setakat not a problem for her..then u know what? we succesfully park the car in the yellow box...!!! Dun care long as we dun block any other car,then it's fine..lagi pun..bukan kita org je yg park kat yellow box tuh..ada lagi another car..
then i said, it's okay, if anything happen, the definitely will make an anouncement...wanie pun..baru terkial2 nak "hafal" no keta dia..keh..keh.. no keta sendiri belum ingat lagi...
Me and Danish had such a great time together with all of them. They are such a lovely Allah's creature whose never been "discovered" yet. They have everything wealth,attitude,kind heart,caring and most of all "LOVE"..
May Allah bless them with..the best "partner" soon..Amen...