Saturday, July 21, 2007

A boring weekend without Abah ..

That's the best word to describe how both of us feel when Abah were not around this weekend..
But what to do..he has to finish up all the back logs before his trip to Germany next month..
So, as a preparation for our weekend without Abah..I went for shopping !
Managed to filled up my shopping basket with foods...
rasa cam nak go through curfew lak..he.he..
but this just to ensure that we have enough food during the weekend in case Mama so lazy to go out, we still have a lot of things to eat :)
Me and danish filled up the 2 days with no so many activitity, except for eating and quarelling.he..he..
And I already made up my mind not to follow Abah to Germany which I think not worth it.
But we already plan for a trip to Sabah later.. Insyaallah....