Monday, July 16, 2007

Elliesya's ~ 6th Birthday Bash

It's Elliesya's 6th birthday bash !
Our favourite venue , of coz atuk's pool side gazebo..
It was nicely decorated by Enma and the best maid ever ~ Ika from Jawa :)

It was a very wet Sunday evening...but the party is still ON !!

~ Birthday Cake ~
The delicious Hazel Nut Cake..
This cake is really tasty...
can taste the crunchiness of hazel nut in between the layer...
Good choice of cake from Akak

~ Birthday Gal ~
Birthday Gal in Power Puff Gal pink dress...
Danish said kak icha look pretty..
everybody with their own stylo mylo gaun..
Only danish with t-shirt and track bottom..
tak pe lah...boleh Danish makan byk2..he..he.

Line of VVIPs....Kesayangan Mama, Abah, Daddy, Atuk and granma..
from left, Danish, Ellaiza, Elliesya and Halle Sofia..
Birthday gal tengah bagi opening speech before all of us can sing
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" loudly...

~ The pinatta @ prata @ %$% ~
Elliesya said, this weird looking stuff is called pinatta..
This thing originated from Mexico, dunno how true the story is :)
It was nicely self hand made by his daddy ~ Ayai.
Actually, its kind of bag consist lots of sweets..
the pinatta was hang and everybody ( kids only) hav their chance to hit it until the sweets inside berterabur on the floor and they will try grab as many as they can.

~ birthday Gifts~
We bought for her a lovely BUM Equipment watch
Her mother - story books
Her daddy - set of kitchen ( toys of coz)
Uncle mael, untie rock - books
Enpa - Violin ( with pre recorded song :) )
Enma - Honey jar and the BEST GIFT ever = air ticket to TURKEY on this coming 7 August ...