Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An evening in Alam Sentral

Sunday ~ 22 July ~ Plaza Alam Sentral
It was a very wet Sunday evening. ..
Nak basuh kasut sekolah Danish yg tak baper putih tu pun tak berani....silap hari bulan..he has to be bare footed to school on monday.. :)
~ Danish as a pilot for a very small plane :) ~

Our main intention is to find a brand new shoes for Danish in Al-Ihsan, Plaza Alam sentral..
Unfortunately, no sport shoes for kids is available overthere.

~ Danish enjoying his mini cooper ride ~

A break @ Lemon Cafe

we started to like this cafe because of few reasons
* frenly waiter
* tasty manggo juice
* kaw ice coffee
* nice view, windy and while enjoying our drinks, can hear the clock ting-tong for 6 times at 6 o'clock pm

Abah calling the waiter, they kind of shocks when Abah ordered another manggo juice after they send the 1st manggo juice 5 minutes before.
Abah said, Danish drank that manggo juice dalam satu syair jer.. he..he.