Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My 3 Expecting Frens ~ the countdown...

My tribute to my 3 frens yg skrg tengah mengharungi susah senang , suka duka alam preggy masing2. Hopefully, they are in the greatest shape and both baby and mommy are happy..

1) Pojex

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

2) Watie

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

3) Yatt
Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Sambil2 tuh..below are the list of basic things that you need for the new born http://lilypie.com/login.php

  • Car seat ( yg nih..beli kemudian pun tak pe...newborn bukan tahu nak ronda2 lagi pun)
  • Cot, bassinet or cradle. ( beli tilam dulu pun..cukup kot)
  • Bedding to suit. ( kalau duit terlebih )
  • For Cloth Nappies. ( pakai dypers, lagi senang )
    Two or three dozen cloth nappies
    Nappy fasteners or pins
    3-4 pilchers or overpants
    Nappy bucket
  • For Disposable Nappies. ( hahh..yg ni lah tak yah basuh)
    Three packs of small size disposables to start off with.
  • Baby soap or wash, cotton wool or makeup pads, nappy rash ointment
  • 3-4 soft cotton facecloths
  • 2-3 large soft bath towels or hooded towels
  • Thermometer. ( penting, manalah tahu dia terdemam, at least can monitor the temp)
  • Six to eight singlets size 00. ( for day use )
  • Six to eight all-in-one stretch suits (Wondersuits) or nighties ( utk mlm lah)
  • Two boat-neck pullovers, cardigans or sweatshirts for cool days.
  • Stretch cotton hat, sunhat for summer, woolly hat for winter babies. (winter? kat mesia?)
  • 2-3 pairs of small socks, or bootees. ( lagi byk, lagi baguih)
  • Six to eight absorbant bibs ( ish..byk nih)
  • Stroller or pram Also good
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby bath
  • Change mat or table
  • Baby Swing ( tak yah lagi baguih)