Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Danish with new GF at McD

!!! Danish Fun Time!!!!
McD Kota Kemuning
Tuesday - 23 July
Danish is so lucky to meet his chineese look new gal fren..
But actually, this cute frenly little gal, is really a chineese gal...hehe.
Danish is not feeling well that day. He skipped school due to high fever, poor Danish.
That's why we took this anitiative to bring him to McD , just to cheer him up.
Looks like, he's having fun with his new fren, eventhough both of them talking in 2 diffrent language but somewhere, somehow, they can communicate and blend well..
That's the God gift to kids...
McD Kota Kemuning is one of our fav spot because of few reasons..
~ not so many people, kalau ramai pun they all sporting and behave
~ crowded free big playground, kalau ramai kids pun, they all behave too ..