Thursday, July 12, 2007

White Lily vs White Lies

White Lily or Lilium candidum is a very beautiful and sweetest flower I've ever known.

Actually, i didn't fall into those category of women who really drooling over flowers but dunno how I fall in love with this lily during my trip to Cameron Highland this time.

Bob gave me sort of weird look when I said that I want to buy that white lily.. :)

Bob brought home to his mom dozens of colourful roses while me, with the 4 stalks of white lily which cost me only 10 ringgit...

The most interesting about this lily is, how the florist able to attract us with his words " lily nih boleh tahan 5 tahun woo"

I didn't really believe his crap talk , even Bob also heard him said the same thing..but since I really fall in love with this Lily, I just close my eyes and hand over my 10 ringgit to him.

The smell of nice..I never been so close to the real + fresh lily before..yg plastic byk lah....

From my observations..,.jangan ckp 5 tahunn...lima hari pun lily nih dah ranap .hhe.he....

sampai danish pun dah sound kat mama dia.,,"mama..sapa buat rubbish ni???" he..he

However, I still pay the tribute to the lily who beautify my living hall for not more than 5 days..

Even danish admire it since he said that bunga mama dia same with the flowers in Eric leong shows ~ Deko Bersama Eric in Astro Ria..

Lagi cantik.when it was place in the vase that was given to me by Peah as wedding gift 5 years back....

bye-bye Lily..sejahtera lah mu di sana....( in the garbage bag.. )