Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cuti2 Mesia - Cameron Highland

Cameron Highlands - the only place that can keep Abah's face shining like a penny :) it always be his favourite spot as he said that he can only find the serenity and trainquility here..and I do agree with him ..eventhough we found a lot of other dissagreements in other things....he..he..
It was an exciting holiday..we checked in one of the hotel in Brinchang town...the hotel was okay..eventhough it is a budget hotel..yg penting ada hot water , TV , should be okay.
We dun need air cond and freezer here in CH of coz. Dan yg penting, this budget hotel ada arah kiblat !
We start our exploration here in CH with evening walk in Tanah Rata. We found a foot reflexology center and Abah took this chance to have it a try since he always wanted to try this theraphy before. It was RM35 per 45 minutes session but that "AH Soh" who massage Abah is so generous until the session end up after more than 1 hour... :-)
Since I think this is our 5th visit to CH, so we already visited most of the places here, We took this chance to travel deep down CH, we drove 22 km away from Brinchang to Blue Valley, and we found nothing there ! except for some tea trees on the hill and on the side of the roads.
But the nite market in Brinchang is always close to our heart since we can find a lot of cheap and fresh stuff there.
It was great to have a cup of coffee with strawberry cheese and carrot cake in the Cameronian Bharat tea shop. The scenenery of the tea farm is really fascinating and rejuvenating. Termenung sejenak...Indah nya ciptaan Allah yg Maha Esa..
as for Danish , he enjoy our visit to the Butterfly farm. Lot of butterflies, nice flowers, insects and snakes too.
Cameron Highland will always be our favourite holiday destination as Abah promise to bring us again next year ! Yahhooooooooooooooo !!!!!!
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