Saturday, August 4, 2007

Balang Mayonis

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We received so many forwarded emails everyday. Ada yg kita baca and simpan. Ada yg kita baca dan delete, ada gak yg tak baca langsung, terus masuk recycle bin.he.he.

Tapi there's one forwarded email by puan jamie yg really catched my attention. It's called balang mayonis.

It's actually a story about a proffesor who start his class with an empty mayonees bottle. He started to fill up the bottle with golf ball,stones then sand. At last, he poured 2 cups of coffee inside the bottle.

Every little thing that he fill into the bottle, represent different thing is our life.
Golf ball~ God,family,ur kids, urself, ur heatlh
stones ~ other things in life such as ur work,house, car
Sand ~ other small things in life
2 cups of coffee ~ frens

To summarize, in life, prioritize is a must ! life is about balance. You have to know, which one should go first, which one later and which one should go straight into dustbin !

What really attract me to this story is how the prof explain that how busy our life is, we should spend some time to have a cup of coffee with our frens.

That's why, everytime kalau keluar dengan kawan2, I drink coffee not tea ..he..he..

Tapi kadang2 bukan kita tak nak spend time ngan kengkawan , tapi masa begitu mencemburui kita..

Kalau kita free, dia org tak free. Kalau dia orang free, kita lak yg ada program.

Apa2 pun, on 4th August , Danish,wanie and myself had another great time together.

Our location this time, Plaza Masallam.

~ Danish tengah tunggu Auntie wanie arrive to pick us up to Plaza Massalam

~ Danish yg tak boleh duduk diam tengah posing ngan auntie wanie yg baru balik keja.

~ Our menu for today. Pizza belum sampai. Milo ais tu, Danish minum sikit je

~ line of trucks that Danish bought that day.