Sunday, August 26, 2007

Danish 4th Birthday ~ 2nd Celebration

Another set of 4th birthday celebration for My dearest Danish. This time, it was successfully held at Atuk's place in Sri Maamor, Hulu Langat.
Choice of cake this time, Black Forest from Good Taste Bakery. Nice cake.
Nampak tak 2 super hero and Elmo on the cake? And 4 fake balloons too...

Birthday Boy, cutting the cake. Tak sabar2 nak potong cake. Tak sempat nak ambik gambar Danish blowing the candles since at that time, mama kat belakang Danish tgh bagi semangat kat Danish to blow all the 4 candles.
The gifts. Kak Icha cakap, Danish got less gifts compared to her birthday last time. Yes , she's absolutely right since her mama and daddy were also in the list. Mama ngan abah Danish, tak sempat nak beli daaa...he..he...sian Danish, less 2 gifts lorrr..
The 3 stooges, so happy that nite. Pakai that hat sampai end of party. Sambil makan pun, topi tuh still maintain kat kepala masing2.
Menu for the dinner. Mama ngan Abah, cam biasalah, pegi visit Hj Samuri and came back with 70 cucuk of sate. Nice fruits set up from uncle daddy, maklum lah x-Dsaji. Tapi paling best that nite, brocolli rebus by Auntie Zana, tasty and healthy of coz.