Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing Much !

Nothing much for this weekend since abah is not around. Kalau abah ada, both of us are the happiest creature since Mama and Danish can go for shopping!

Tapi this weekend is a bit difference,normally, Danish bangun, mama bangun gak, the fall asleep again. But this time, Danish bangun jer,Mama pun dengan semangat waja nyer, terus bangun he.he...

Danish dlm keta mama, on the way to go out to find something for breakfast ~~~~~~

So every morning, we go out to find something to eat, Danish called it "bekfas".

On Sunday morning, both of us went for jogging at the park nearby. Jogging satu round Danish dah complaint " Danish tired lah mama". The after that, dia bantai main kat playground, tak tired pun..he.he..

After that we got ourself 2 bungkus nasi lemak, mmmpphh..tak berbaloi langsung ngan jogging yg beberapa tapak jer tuh..

Then we went to mamak stall for paper and magazine, balik, makan and ZZZZZZ....

~~~Danish tengah explore sesame street games ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday - 20 August

On Monday,since Mak Salmah pi cuti2 mesia kat Genting, Danish ngan Mama lagi lorr..

Tapi in the morning,we didn't went out for jogging, but we went for book shopping ! Danish bought 3 books that day. Then on the evening, we went for a walk at the park. Danish and mama jogging gak lah sikit2, byk jalan pun. Then Danish had a chance to play at the playground, tapi ramai lah org
~~~~ Danish with newly met frens ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~