Saturday, August 18, 2007

my lovely Danish turn 4 !

17 August ~ the most memorable day in my life.

Today, 4 years back, my child was born, such a sweet moment. The pain that I went through was vanished once I saw the tiny little creature that we name him - Muhamad Danish Hilman.
Danish ~ Bijak
Hilman ~ sopan santun - new years text

Today, he turn 4, time flies so fast.

Rasa baru jer holding him in my arms, woke up in the middle of the nite, prepare milk or change his diapers, now, he's such a talkative kid and smart too.... :)

~ 17 August 2007, Friday Morning, sebelum pi school, sempat lagi Danish posing on his birthday.

At the age of 4, he able to recites some basic doa such as doa makan, doa before study, doa naik kenderaan, doa before sleep and etc. He also know Al-Fatihah. I'm also glad that he's so interested in Iqra' and recognize the letter well, better than his ABC actually. He also know how to count until 22 ( dun ask why 22 since I also dun know why.he.he..)

Since Abah still outstation, so Danish celebrated his birthday with his frens in Genius Aulad first.

Mama bought a delicous Choc indulgence from Secret Recipe.

Not forgetting, 2 version of goody bags for Danish frens.

Danish 1st gift this year is a lovely decorated present from Mama's lunch mate, Auntie aju, auntie Alin, auntie noreen and Auntie Fiza. Thanks mate !