Monday, August 20, 2007

Danish Book of the week

Book 1 ~ Little Joe

This book is about a little boy name Joe who hates to take bath. Everybody seems to dislike him.
And one day, he started to take bath and after that he had his bath everyday ( may be dia pun tak tahan ngan bau dia sendiri aku tambah lah )
This book uses only 34 words repeatatively.

Book 2 - The Squirrels and the Hunter

Danish just love this book. He can make his own expression with the squirrels dialouge. His favourite dilougue is "I'm not afraid, let's stay !".
This book about the 2 little squirrels who were playing on the tree but then discovered by a hunter and try to shoot them. Both of them tried to stay and not to run but after the hunter start shooting at them , they run for thier life, and saved!
This book uses 33 repeatative words.

Both of books are worth reading and value for money. We got these 2 books not from MPH or borders and such, beli kat kedai mamak kat Alam Megah jer... he..he..