Friday, August 17, 2007

My Kampung Childhood Games Carnival

This event was initiated by Danish kinder, Aulad Genius in our tribute to 50th merdeka celebration.
Date : 12 August 2007 ~ Sunday
Venue : Kg Budaya , Tmn Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

Glitter Word Generator - Parents and kids gathered at the park entrance since 8 am. But we were a bit late since we need to pick up kueh that I already ordered 2 days back, it's kueh seri muka and bingka kacang. I'm a bad chef therefore every time Danish kinder arrange any function that need us to bring some finger food, tempah saje lah.. :) These 2 kueh cost me rm35 ringgit, but both of them really..really tasty !

We need a shuttle bus to bring us to Taman Budaya, no private car is allowed. We took the 3rd bus since malas nak berebut.
Quite a large crowd there. Parents of aulad Genius students are really supportive. They not just came to support their kids, they also get involved in the games prepared by the organizer. These kind hearted parents also bring along some foods to share.
Yg tak best nyer, ada yg siap tapau buat balik lagih sampai organizer have to remind them for not to tapau anything since the food are not enough.

Tapi ada gak yg baik hati since dah nampak the food is getting lesser and lesser, the just take 1 or 2 and leave it to others.
As for Danish, he's so happy with his flags, eventhough dia tak join the group of the children for little merdeka walk or any games, he had such a good time running here and there, greet his frens. At least now I know some of his frens like Marsha, Fawaz, Hana etc. He's so energetic with his brand new "baju sukan" without bersukan pun..he.he..
As a whole, it's another quality activity prepared by Aulad Genius.
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