Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Hard Rock Family

spring comments -
Abah bought these t-shirt for us from Berlin. Zillion thanks abah !
Mula2 abah ckp, sumer barang kat Berlin mahal2, even t-shirt bodoh pun. Then, what really came across my mind at that time"oh God, mesti me and danish will have only keychain as souvenirs".
I'm definitely right, Abah bought for us keychain AND these lovely Hard Rock Cafe Berlin t-shirt too.

This one, abah punyer. Cost - 29 euro

And this one, Mama punyer - cost 25 euro

And this one, Danish punyer, cost 15 euro

Ni other souvenirs yg abah beli,mostly cost 6 euro each

These one lak for grandma, atuk, auties,uncles kat Langat