Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pang Junior - The Arrival

A baby’s mind and heart are innocent and pure.A baby’s love is freely given.A baby represents the freedom of hope, love and joy...

DOB : 16 Sept 2007, 4th Ramadhan

WOB : 2.9 kg

LOB : 48 cm

POB: Pusat Perubatan An-Nur, Bangi

Mother's name : Rafidah Ahmad

Father's Name : Ahmad Najmi Pang Abdullah

This boy was really special to me..the reason is, his father is one of my closest fren in WD. Knowing Pang Wei San for more than 7 yrs , funny, gila2, skillful, intelligent,caring, panas baran, he's all in one !

The most memorable part in our frenship, I'm the most lucky one who had a chance to be his witness when he first "mengucap kalimah syahadah".

Alhamdullillah, I brought another member to our muslim community. My feeling at that time, happy, terharu, syahdu, everything that I can't ever imagine. That day was 4th January 2000.

This date will be mark as one of my remarkable date in my life journey.

Allah blessed him with the finest wife, Fifi. She's so frenly, pretty and gila2 too.

I just like her from the first day we met. Pang is so lucky to have her as a mother to his children.

This little cute baby boy definitely will strengthen their love. Hoefully, they will be a great mum and dad ! Insyaallah ...

and this is my gift to Pang's baby.

I still remember, while accompanying Danish watching Play House Disney Channel, I remembered there's 1 guy in 1 of the show said " what really matters is not the thing inside the gift, but what inside the giver"..mmm..I just love what he said. Tak sangka , kids channel also gave me some free lesson to learn and to think !

roger n out !