Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mama's Birthday @ TGIF

~ TGIF , Subang Parade ~

This is the reason why we always choose TGIF. It's juicy, tasty BBQ rib. We've tried the same menu at Tony Romas and other steak at windmill or Victoria Station. As a result of that, we sticked to TGIF. Price for BBQ rib RM49.90 ( excluded tax of coz).
We ordered 2 BBQ rib for abah and mama and a hot dog platter for Danish.

7 Sept 2007 ~ 9 pm

It's time for mama's birthday celebration. Dah letih celebrate birthday Danish yg 3 kali tuh, this time, turn mama lak.
As usual, choice of place to dine , TGIF Subang parade.
If you plan to have western food, this is the best place to be . TGIF will always be Abah Fave place for steak.

Who ever birthday that we are celebrating, Danish is the happiest one. Running around, greeting people, tak takut langsung. The other good thing about TGIF is, their waiter and waitress, so humble. Nak ambik order pun on bended knee. Service tip-top punyer.
if you big fan of rib steak, TGIF is the best place to be.
Sambil2 tunggu kita nyer steak ready, Danish killed his time with puzzle prepared by TGIF. He kept quite for 15 minutes then after that, he started running around.
This choc mud cake considered as birthday cake for mama that nite. Tak payah blow2 candle lah, feel too old for that...Its truely a delicious dessert. taste like ice cream cake with melted choc and slices of almond on top. Sampai sekarang teringat2 kesedapan nyer..yummy..

Thanks abah, for the huge dinner. ( huge money too of coz ..he..he.)