Sunday, September 9, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party by Lab members

7 Sept 2007 - 6 pm
Rasa cam tak percaya, dah tua2 cam nih, ada gak orang nak buat surprise birthday party for me. Soob..sobb..happy ada, terharu ada..all in one !
Walapun rasa2 cam dah tahu dia orang nak beli cake, tapi ingat satu slice jer, tak sangka sebijik.
Apa2 pun, I've blessed with caring people around me. They are not only skillful in Failure Analysis, but also in quality friendship.

Tiup lilin time !!!. Nasib baik they all letak satu jer lilin.Kalau letak banyak, kita orang takut smoke detector tuh panggil orang ramai2, tak cukup cake tuh nanti. Lagi pun, letak satu, tak delah rasa "tua" sangat kan ?? he..he..
Potong jangan tak potong. Actually, they all planned to have the party in WD foodcourt since our lab are well known as no eating lab. But since that day, kita busy sangat. Lepas sorang free, sorang lagi lak ada keja. So, terpaksa lah buat party dalam takut2. silap haribulan kita kena tangkap by QC, buat nanyer jer...
Ni jer yg sempat snap gambar, Chung and gary.Orang lain tak sempat nak snap maklumlah, dah buat benda illegal, kena lah cepat2. Cepat2 tiup lilin, cepat2 potong cake, cepat2 makan.
This is Wai Yee tapi Kar Lai, tak de gambar lah. These 2 girls yg beriya sangat that day.

However, thanks a lot folks. You guys are such a nice creature. I thought that all kind hearted human already extict, but you guys already proof to me that I'm wrong.

Also here, my thank you email to 4 of them:

Wai Yee, Kar Lai, Gary and Chung.

HI Guys,
Big Thanks for the lovely and tasty cake.
Never imagine that I will have such kind of birthday celebration where people sing without voice, clapping without sound..and blowing the candle without air..he..he..
It’s kind of weird, but definitely will be the most memorable one of coz.
But I like the idea of putting single candle on the cake..can u ever imagine 32 candles on the cake??
By the time I blow the 15th one, William already besides me, ready to knock my head he..he..
Thanks again guys ..really..really appreciate it..
Hopefully, orang lain punyer birthday, we can celebrate it “peacefully”
May God bless you all with a good wife/husband in future..or the worst father in law..

( Warning: You have to call ur mother in law mum once you get married to her son/daughter’s not an’s a MUST)